The Foundation

The foundational awareness and techniques of all that Chuck has learned, integrated, and taught for over 36 years. The cornerstones of Personal Development and Self Leadership.

  • Emotional Intelligence Technologies.
  • The Power of Visualization, Reduce Stress, Improve sleep and Health, Clarity, and Concentration.
  • Mentally and emotionally re-framing any and every experience, to serve you.
  • Personal Alignment and Power/ Confidence building techniques.
  • Behavioral Understanding and Application to new levels.
  • Techniques to improve the relationship with Self and Others.
  • Shift a Fixed/contraction/scarcity mindset, to a growth/expansion/abundant mindset.
  • Creating strong Personal Leadership during times of change.
  • Personal Values alignment and embodiment.
  • Truly understanding unconscious patterns that are self-defeating, and adjusting them, to self-propelling ones that incorporate in a cohesive and energizing whole.
  • High-Level Communication / Listening Skill Technologies
  • Creating a CLEAR roadmap, knowing exactly where you really are, to get to where you really want, in every area of your life.
  • Alignment with Self / Synergy within creates Synergy without.
  • The technologies for Personal Alignment creating Powerful, Effective, Centered, Calm, Forward Opportunities, and new choices.


  • Online Class has protocols and you will receive a letter outlining them.
  • If we are able to do a live class, you also will receive a letter outlining any protocols.
  • Breaks will be approx. every hour. Lunch will be one hour on Sat. and Sun., with time working in small teams, in a breakout room.
  • Depending on Covid -19 Protocols and situations, we will let everyone know by Dec. 1, 2020 whether or not live classes will be held.
  • Online class will still be an option for at least one of these classes.
  • Any Live classes would be held in Las Vegas, NV. at this time.  
  • Hotel TBA

If you are not satisfied with the value received, there will be a Money Back Guarantee, for those attending all sessions, and completing the class, minus a $50.00 processing fee. If someone cannot complete the class, your monies will be transferred to an upcoming QL2 class.